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About Us

The nostalgic memories of the past, the search for parts which describe a story, an age, the attention to details, high quality fabrics and long lasting materials.

For explaining why a father hands down a suit to his son, why quality, beauty and passion, turned into an object, last through time without caring about the risk of being misunderstood, because there is something more compared to the industrial production.

It is no longer possible to recreate them, because they are history…a copy, no matter how faithful, will never smell, taste and make people dream as the original. This is a time travel. Because now you are in Rome sitting in the bleachers and attending the tennis match which once in a while you watch it again at home. Your head moves, together with the other ones, following the tennis ball trajectory by drawing in unison an invisible and magical link which connects past and present generations.

Return, Remember and Rediscover. “IN VINTAGE, WE TRUST”.

The project The Vintage Culture comes from the passion of a group of enthusiasts in love with vintage apparel and interior design. What brings us together is the passion, since childhood, of retrieving old objects from markets or the street. This passion has been growing in the years since then and it has pushed us to create a space dedicated to a world plenty of memories and interests.

We aim to build a point of reference for every vintage lover.

Here you can find original articles in limited edition and from different ages: ’70 ’80 ’90. You can also read a lot of news and oddities.

A real vintage lover would not miss this unique hub.